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PU Monitoring EEG Electrodes Pad With Snap 2.2mm 50pks

Short Description:

  • Model No.: TE-E20
  • Sizes: 2.2mm
  • Backing: PU / Foam / Non-Woven Option
  • Snap : 2.2MM
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    Product Specification

    Model No. TE-E20
    Sizes 2.2mm
    Backing PU / Foam / Non-Woven Option
    Snap  2.2MM
    Gel Solid electric gel
    Liner 0.1mm PET
    Color White,Blue , Grey
    Packing 1pc/film,  50pcs/foil bag ,4000pcs/ctn, 37*41*46CM,GW:7KG
    Report ROHS/Biocompatibility report
    Certificate CE/ISO13485/FDA


    Avoid high-intensity exercise. When wearing a 24-hour eeg monitor, it is necessary to avoid high-intensity exercise, but daily life is not restricted, and people can still walk slowly and do housework.

    Try to relax. Many people will be very nervous when wearing a 24-hour eeg monitor due to great mental pressure, which will affect the results of the monitoring, so in the process of wearing to maintain peace of mind, keep the whole body relaxed.

    √ Avoid falling off. Since the 24-hour eeg monitor needs to be worn throughout the day, care should be taken to prevent the electrodes from falling off during sleep. It can be fixed with tape, and if you sweat too much, you can turn on the air conditioner to sleep.

    Avoid strong magnetic stimulation. During eeg monitoring, try not to play with mobile phones, computers and other objects with strong magnetic fields. Prevent interference with results.

    Do not bathe. Do not take a bath during wearing, on the one hand, to prevent water flow from affecting the function of the machine, on the other hand, to prevent the electrode chip from falling off.

    Product Function

    Ag/AgCI(=silver silver chloride) sensor ø 2.2mm.

    • Latex free.

    • Patented gel formula.

    • Short-term Monitoring.

    • Available for ECG, EMG and EEG monitoring.

    • The snap-on connector can easily be pushed on or removed from the electrode lead.

    • They are to be used once and are very handy because of integrated gel. They adhere very well to the skin and are clean to use.

     This ECG/EMG/EEG electrode is ideal for a variety of purposes and is frequently used for Nerve feedback and Biofeedback.

    Ordinary encephlogram can only reflect the patient's heart function at that time, and the detection rate of sporadic arrhythmia is low, so 24-hour encephlogram examination is often required. The 24-hour encephlogram requires patients to wear a brain monitor for 24 hours continuously to fully understand the pulse of the head during the day. It's a more accurate reflection of brain function.

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