Safety rules for use of neutral electrodes

  The disposable neutral electrode is available in monopolar and bipolar sizes, it is composed of conductive pressure-sensitive adhesive, aluminum foil, sponge, and anti-mucous membrane. A loop is generated in the high-frequency electroknife device to ensure the passing of high-frequency current between the skin and the plate electrode with low current density.  The use of neutral electrodes for medical facilities in conjunction with suitable high-frequency electrotome equipment is used to connect to the patient's body during surgery to provide a low-density return channel for high-frequency current.

How to use it safely   :

1, the neutral electrode is placed in the patient's muscle rich, blood sufficient parts (such as the thigh, hip or upper arm), can not put bone protrusion, joint, hairy or scar, also can not be pressed under the patient's body.

2. Before attaching the neutral electrode, the patient's skin contact should be treated clean, and the long hair should be shaved if necessary.

3. Tear the anti-stick paper, paste the neutral electrode on the appropriate part of the patient, and clamp the neutral electrode tongue with the clamp.

4, after the operation, should be slowly torn to avoid damage to the skin.

5. Keep away from patients when not in use.

6. Damaged wire is strictly prohibited.

7. Products should be ordered under the guidance of a doctor.

8. Indirect use of this product is not recommended.

9. High-frequency power: no higher than 400w(performance index of supporting high-frequency surgical equipment).

10. Use in strict accordance with the instructions, avoid the ECG electrode and the graft, and keep the compression part as close to the surgical area as possible.

11, choose easy to observe the place, it is recommended to use high-frequency current limiter monitoring system in any case.

12. Neutral electrode contact must be further checked before using high-power surgery.

13. It is strictly prohibited to use conductive pressure-sensitive adhesive when it has been dry tested or cannot be tightly pasted.

14, the number of safe use is 1 times, such as repeated use of plate, may occur burns or cross infection, especially the operation time is too long. Surgery with excessive blood loss (e.g., cardiovascular surgery), and other high-risk groups (e.g., infants, cachexia or special conditions).

15, do not open the package before use, after opening, please use within the same day.

16. Ensure good contact between high-frequency electrotome equipment and neutral electrode before operation.

17. Forbidden total paste on the patient with trauma or scar skin.

18. Do not use pacemakers or pacemaker electrodes when patients use them.

  The disposable neutral electrode is a relatively new medical product. Compared with the traditional metal plate electrode, it has the characteristics of convenience and safety. Quanding  Medical production of neutral electrode technology has been very skilled, and has obtained the international FDA,CE medical certification qualification.

Post time: Jan-06-2023