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40*22MM Crescent Medical-Use ECG Electrodes With Button

Short Description:

  • Model No.: ECG-302
  • Sizes: 40*22MM
  • Backing: Foam/Non-woven
  • Snap: 3.9MM Ag/AgCl Button
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    Product Specification

    Model No. ECG-302
    Sizes 40*22MM
    Backing Foam/Non-woven
    Snap  3.9MM Ag/AgCl Button
    Gel Non-drying electric gel
    Liner 0.1mm PET
    Color White
    Packing 1pc/film,  50pcs/foil bag ,4000pcs/ctn, 37*41*46CM,GW:7KG
    Report ROHS/Biocompatibility report
    Certificate CE/ISO13485:2016/FDA

    Product Detail

    Adhesion increases in the first few hours after application,helping the electrode to stay in place for long term monitoring;

    √ High permeability backing materials allow the skin to breathe and function normally;

    √ Hypoallergenic adhesive and solid gel on the electrodes ensure minimal skin irritation;

    √ Aproven breathable backing,suitable for patients with a history of skin sensitivities;

    √ Non-irritating;Non-sensitizing;Non-cytotoxic to the skin;

    √ Superior electrical performance and distinctive ECG presentations;

    √ According to the different requirements of customers, we can provide customized designs of different materials, shapes and patterns.

    Product Function

    The electrode for ecg monitoring is an invention that can be used to detect human ecg for a long time instead of ordinary ecg sucker and electrode clamp. 

    • Compared with the ordinary suction cup, the electrode can be very stable and fixed in the corresponding skin parts of the human body because of its soft and sticky, and will not fall off due to the patient's changes in position, activities, sweating, etc., so it is relatively stable.  

    • It can help doctors to record patients' ecg activities timely and accurately, help doctors to detect patients' condition changes as soon as possible, and monitor patients' vital signs, so it is widely used in clinical work.  


    > However, some people will be sensitive to the adhesive or metal in the electrode because of skin sensitivity, so pay attention to the changes of the patient's skin in the process of using the electrode, and deal with the allergy in time. 

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