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3M Pre-Wire Disposable Neutral Electrode

Short Description:

  • Model : QD202B-A
  • Type: Bipolar /Split
  • Dimension: 102*202mm
  • Product Detail

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    Product Specification 

    For Adult For Child Infant
    QD202B-A QD202B-P QD202B-1
    Bipolar /Split Monopolar/single Bipolar/Monopolar
    102*202mm 90*148mm 53.5*124mm
    Packaging 1pc/foil bag350pcs/carton  
    Carton Size 45*45*28CM GW: 15.4kg  
    Certification ISO13485,CE  



    The product must be stored in its original package at the environmental conditions (temperature and relative humidity) specified on the pouch’s label. Putting external heavy weights on the package could damage the product.


    Product  Instructions. 

    1. Select a well convex area (muscle) next to the area to be operated but at least 20 cm far from it, possibly on the forearm, on the thigh or on a whip. Eventually move the plate in order that the longer side is perpendicular to the area of the operation (see the picture). Avoid that the plate is superimposed.

    2.NB Current should flow in parallel to the body surface and never pass through the thorax. The patient must be placed on a dry and perfectly isolated surface. The patient must be kept isolated from conductive parts and the operating bed must be earthed. Use dry gauzes to avoid that different areas of the body come into contact with each other.

    3. Do not place the plate on wounds and scars, near bone projections, very adipose tissues, close to metallic prosthesis or to ECG electrodes

    or on areas, where liquids can flow.

    4.Do not place the plate on areas, where it can be subjected to pressure or under patient’s weight.

    5.Shave the selected area, clean carefully and skim in order to remove eventual remaining of cream or cosmetics. Dry the selected area.

    6.NB Do not use inflammables during the patient’s preparation. Do not use alcoholic substances or benzoine tincture.

    7.Eventual shave remaining or hair can cause burns.



    1.  After controlling the packing for damages, check the plates and gel. Do not use the product  in the case of damages or visible defects. Instead, return it to FIAB.
    2. Only open package immediately before use.
    3. Take off the protection film and place the plate on the prepared area; place it starting from a     side and continue with same pressing until the opposite side.
    4. Make sure that the entire surface of the plate is in contact with the patient’s skin.
    5. Avoid excessive contact between fingers and adhesive. Do not touch the gel . NB There must not be air bubbles or parts of the adhesive support not perfectly close to the patient.
    6. Connect the plate to the high-frequency generator using the connectorcable .   For neutral plate without connection cable: lift the connector lever and plug in the tongue.Make sure to plug in the tongue until the end, then close the lever. Then connect the generator to the pencil and the eventual foot control.



            1.  This is a disposable product - do not re-use.

            2.  The product is supplied not sterile - do not sterilize.

            3. Do not re-position or cut the plate, do not add gel.

            4. Do not use the product in case:

            5. The packaging is not complete

            6.There are evident damages on the plate or on the connection cable, Gel is not homogeneous or is dry.

            7.Do not submit a patient with implanted pacemaker to electrosurgical current without first consulting a cardiologist.

            8. The devices are to be used by trained healthcare professionals in electrosurgical procedures.

            9. Do not use paediatric plates for high-power procedures (such as trans-urethral resection – TUR).






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